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Site ownership

This website is owned and managed by Jane Ross Associates of Nottingham Road, Nottingham NG16 2GE.

Purpose of this website

This website has been produced by car enthusiasts for entertainment purposes only. We may help to pay the costs of the site by including advertisements or hyperlinks on the site for other companies which may have products or services which you may find of interest. If you deal with these companies in any way your contract is between them and yourself. The owners and operators of this website have no control over any relationships you develop with these advertisers and so we cannot be held in any way responsible for any circumstances whatsoever that may befall you as a consequence of dealing with these advertisers.

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Copyright issues

The copyright of all the designs, coding, articles and images on this website belong to Jane Ross Associates. Whilst you may make a copy of any part of this website for your own purposes you must not allow any other person to access any such copying in any way at all including copying it to another website, whether this is for commercial reasons or not. You agree to indemnify us the full cost of any damages we may occur as a consequence of you breaking this condition.

Protection of your computer, mobile phone, tablet or laptop

It is possible to get a virus or Trojan on any Internet linked device as a result of visiting a website which has been infected with malicious code. The people who place this code on websites are usually very clever and talented programmers who are abusing their knowledge, either for financial gain or other purposes. Unfortunately, despite the most up-to-date security systems, there is scarcely a single website in the world which can claim to be immune from these people. It is therefore entirely possible that this website could be infected in the future, as millions of others have been in the past. You can protect yourself against danger from this, however, by installing, and keeping up to date, the latest anti-viral software. You are urged to do this and you accept that should you receive any malicious code as a result of visiting our site you will not hold us to be responsible for this in any way.

Hot linking

You may not hotlink any of the images or pages of this website in order to display them on another site. Should you do so you will indemnify us in full for any costs that we incur in preventing this abuse of our copyrighted material.

Accuracy of information

Any information that we place on this website is correct and up to date as far as we are aware. However it is entirely possible that this information can become incorrect or out of date. You must not rely on any information whatsoever that you have found on this website to be accurate. You must, in particular, not make any decisions of a financial nature based on what you have read on our site. You agree that you cannot hold us in any way responsible for inaccuracies or omissions in the data that we have published.

External websites

If you visit another website from this one, either via an advertisement or hyperlink, you will then be taken outside of our jurisdiction. We cannot therefore be held liable for any consequences whatsoever that befall you on any of these websites. In particular, we must stress that each of them have their own terms and conditions which you should study to ensure that they are acceptable to you.

Dispute settlement

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