How we defend your right to privacy

We value your privacy and the following is a description of how we intend to preserve it.

As a UK registered business we stay fully compliant with the Data Protection Act of 1998.

Information that you provide us with

This site may contain links to other websites which provide goods or services. Any information that you provide in order to access these goods or services will be collected by these other websites and not by us. does not collect any data whatsoever from any visitors to our site, beyond the normal information that we receive in our web server logs.

Your consent to providing information

If you click on a hyperlink from our website, you will be taken to another website which is outside of our control. If you provide data to the owners of this website In order to get quotations for any goods or services, you consent to this information being used by them in order to supply you with these quotations. These companies have privacy policies of their own and you should check them in order to ensure that they meet with your requirements.

Retention of data

The only data which is retained by is information that we receive from our weblogs about your visit. This type of information is available to the owners and operators of every website on the Internet, and it does not include any information which can personally identify you. Typical information that we receive is the IP address you are using, the type of device that you are using, the time and date of your visit, the webpages you visit, and the time you spent on them. This routine data is not processed by us in any way.

Your communications with us

We encourage visitors to communicate with us if they have relevant queries or comments about our website. We cannot however enter into any discussions whatsoever involving financial matters. Any records of your communications with us will be stored on computer systems utilising industry standard security and will not be divulges to any other person unless;

Disclosure of information to third parties

Subject to the exclusions above we will not provide any information about you to any other person or entity.

Deletion of your data

Under the Data Protection Act you are entitled to ask us to provide you with a copy of any information that we hold about you on our computer systems. We are obliged to let you have this information within a reasonable space of time, but we are also entitled to make a fair charge for this. If you do request us to provide you with this data we will inform you of our current charges, and the proof that we will require in order to establish your bona fides.

You are entitled to ask us to delete any data that we hold about you and we will do this within a reasonable space of time.


This website may use cookies from time to time. These will only be used where they are necessary to assist the correct operation of the website, or to enhance your user experience. We will not use them in order to extract information from you.

You can find more information about cookies, including ways in which you can block them completely, by visiting If you wish to block all cookies from your computer, please bear in mind that a large proportion of the websites that you visit will not perform in the way that they are meant to if cookies are blocked.