Morgan Plus 8 image

Morgan Plus 8

The Morgan +4 was, and still is, completely outdated. The body looks as though it ... 

Aston Martin Virage image

Aston Martin Virage

By 1988, Aston Martin's flagship V8 was Past it's best.  It was time for a .....

Lotus Elan image

Lotus Elan

The Lotus Elan was the car that placed Lotus firmly amongst the foremost car ...

TVR 350i image

TVR 350i

Towards the end of the 1970s TVR cars were starting to look a little dated;  ....

Lamborghini Countach image

Lamborghini Countach

The Lamborghini Countach (Piedmontese for 'wow!' or something similar) grew out of ....

Mazda MX5 image

Mazda MX5

The Mazda MX5 was brought out at a time when sports cars were completely out ...

Bentley Continental image

Bentley Continental

Back in the 1950s the Bentley Continental represented the very best of British ...

Porsche 928 image

Porsche 928

Prior to the introduction of the 928 Porsche's reputation had been built mainly ...

Bugatti EB-110 image

Bugatti EB-110

After the end of World War II Bugatti were out of step with the mood ...

Ferrari F50

Ferrari F50

The brief for the engineers at Ferrari was quite simple. Their Formula One racing car ...

E-Type Jaguar image

E-Type Jaguar

Pick a term to describe the first E-Type Jaguar and 'super sexy' comes instantly to  ...

Alfa Romeo Spider image

Alfa Romeo Spider

Anyone who had experience of the late unlamented Alfasud may be forgiven ...