How to contact us

This website is and we are Jane Ross Associates of Nottingham Road, Nottingham NG16 2GE. We are a group of enthusiastic car lovers, each with our own obsessions! My own particular object of devotion is my old Lotus Elan, which I polished daily, whilst my husband John is fairly blasé about his Range Rover whilst being passionately devoted to his Formula 2 stock car which spends most of it's life in pieces on our garage floor. I have positively forbidden him ever to bring any part of it within my kitchen again (it's a long story)!

Like most car enthusiasts we yearn for the days when cars had characters of their own; modern ones are more comfortable, long-lasting, economical and much safer to drive, but they seem to have lost that sparkle that set them aside from each other in earlier years. We would love to spend our days rebuilding some of these masterpieces of the past and we may well do so once our children have grown up!

If you wish to contact us to comment on our website or make any suggestions for future articles you can contact us by post, ring us on 0330 311 2859. or, preferably, by